Putting together a portfolio isn't the most enjoyable aspect of trying to work as a photographer. There's a plethora of reasons why, some of which will appear in a later blog post (foreshadowing!), but the reason in the spotlight today is creating photographs that are outside what a portfolio is showcasing. I keep my portfolio edited to the type of work I do for clients and what I'm bringing to the table for them, that is, professional headshots and portraits. These aren't the only type of photographs I take of course but typically the only kind that I offer professionally. Although I might be happy to show off my photographs of landscapes or architecture, in a portfolio they would only serve to distract and potentially confuse my clients on what it is I'm actually offering. Because of this you won't find photographs that sway far from the headshot and portrait categories in my online portfolio, excluding my personal project 'Louisville in Photos'.

On occasion, I'll use this blog to showcase a few shots outside of what I would normally have in a portfolio. After all, photography is my passion and it's often personal work that keeps a passion alive. So without further ado, today are two shots taken recently of Community Park located in New Albany, IN. I hope you enjoy!