Dan Winters is one of those photographers who's not only photographed just about everyone but also done so better than most other photographers. He's one of the "living legends" that I look up to and who's work I constantly study in hopes of bettering my own. So it's no surprise that his portraits of, the amazing, Benedict Cumberbatch for TIme Magazine are stunning.

Dan Winters for Time via  Time.com

Dan Winters for Time via Time.com

Someone once said about Winters' portraits thats it's not so much where his light is but where it isn't. Below is a video posted by Time.com that gives a bit of a behind the scene look at the photoshoot. Unfortunately, it's not terribly reveling of the setup but I doubt that was the intention anyways.

Winters' portraits are ones that I constantly go back to for inspiration and this one is no different. If you're interested in more of Dan Winters' work his website is DanWintersPhoto.com