2014 was a big year. I started my business and a personal project, both of which have pushed me to grow in ability and ambition. These two big pushes in my photography have been thrilling in much different ways but equally impactful. But, instead of a verbose post about these things I thought it would be more fun to go over my top 10 favorite photographs I took last year. Some have appeared on this site and others haven't; they don't fit to a particular theme but are one's that I'm most fond of. 

In no particular order:


Towards the beginning of last year I always carried a film camera around downtown Louisville looking for anything of interest to shoot. I don't do this nearly as often since I've become more focused on other areas in photography but there's quite a bite of enjoyment to be found walking with a manual film camera. It's this shot that best reminds of this and thus makes the list.


I've taken many a photo of this bridge but rarely got a shot that was of interest. Whether it be from traffic or too many people in the shoot I couldn't seem to get anything from this spot. Persistence did pay off one early overcast morning when the streets were relatively empty and the stop lights helped bring some intrigue to this shot.


This one stands out to me as it's quite different from what I normally shoot. The green lights are actually fireflies, or rather the light they produce, captured in about 25 long exposure shots stacked on top of one another. Definitely a test in patience if nothing else.


This was taken after rushing across this very bridge in order to get this shot. 


Taken on one of my many days out with my Fuji X100. Always liked the way this building reflected the sky but the window washers really added the interest that made this photo worthwhile.



From my 52 Portrait Project, I've written about this photo before but it still stands to be as the turning point in my project. It's not that I hadn't planned out my photos I wanted for the subjects before this one but this is the first that everything seemed to click in my head. I knew what I wanted, I knew how to get it and I got it. 



The Muhammad Ali Center is one of more interesting buildings in Louisville and I've done several shots of it before but this one still stands out as my favorite. It might be because this also made me fill justified in purchasing the wide angle lens this was taken with. 


Sometimes simplicity is nice too.


More of an exercise in Photoshop than anything else but I was quite pleased with out it turned out. 


Also from my 52 Portrait Project, this was for the last week of the project in 2014. It stands to me as a culmination of everything I learned from many of the photos on this list thus it seemed like such a fitting end to the 2014 half of this project.

It still early in 2015 but I've got a lot of big things planned. On top of new ventures, I also have the back half of my 52 Portrait Project to look forward to. All in all 2014 was a great year and 2015 is going to be even better.


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