I've been hesitant to start releasing photos from my new project but three shoots in and I'm too eager to get the project out there to continue sitting on what I've already done. So below, and on the new project page here,  you'll see the first photos of my new project 'Skin as Canvas.' This project is inspired by the way people use their bodies as a sort of canvas for tattoos and other body art to express themselves as an individual. 

Skin as Canvas is meant to highlight the dualistic nature of body art; on one hand body art can be and often is self-expressive but much like any art can be interrupted differently by each viewer. What then can be assumed about the individual by body art alone? Does the expressive nature of body art give us greater clarity in our presumptions of the individual or does the subjective nature of art taint our assumptions even further? This project renders the subject bare, leaving body art explicit in providing any revelations about the subject. 

This project is just getting started so be sure to check the project page, 'Skin as Canvas' regularly for updates!