Printing from home has been a goal of mine since I first started in photography but with the rather steep setup cost of getting good equipment it's something I've held off on. That is until recently when Black Friday deals aligned to cast a light down upon the sales tag of a Canon Pixma Pro-100 which revealed itself to be the key to opening my wallet. Now I do plan on having multiple posts discussing my novice approach I've taken to printing from home but those will be for a later date as today I want to announce the availability of the first photograph I'll be offering for purchase as a print. 

Aptly named 'Bridge', this photo will be available for a limited time as a 11x14 signed and numbered giclée print on Canon Pro Luster photo paper for the sale price of $25! This is the only time these prints will be offered at this price as a way to celebrate the beginning of printing from home. If you would like one of these prints head over to the print section of my site, here, to order. This is a limited run and the sale will end on January 1st so you might want to order quickly!