Recently Matt Granger posted a video on dropping Sony cameras from his "pro kit" due to customer service concerns. The video is linked below if your interested in hearing the whole story but the evaluative upshot is Sony seemingly dropped the ball in making a customer after sale experience a positive one. Matt's video was of particular interest to me at the time as it coincided with the second wave of recalls issued by Nikon USA for the D750 which happened to include my copy. This being my first experience dealing with Nikon's customer service, as the D750 has been a great camera thus far, I was interested to gauge the experience against Matt's with Sony.

It should be mentioned that Matt does have a more unique or, perhaps more apt to this case, problematic situation that would cause direct comparisons to my own to be rather difficult. After all, he's in Australia and he's shipping his camera to a different continent for repair and mine's going a few states over. But geography shouldn't impact a company's politeness or ability to communication with their customer. Particularly so with a company that specializes in technology. This is one area where I believe Nikon excelled in handling my service repair. I was consistently updated with the status of my repair and any questions or concerns I had were promptly responded to. Most of the communication was handled on Nikon's internal messaging system but even those posed on Twitter received a quick response. 

While Nikon had my D750 I also enquired if they could clean my viewfinder as it had gathered some dust. My camera was returned with a clean viewfinder and a brand new focusing screen. It's nice to think the power of my enquiry moved them to due this additional service free of charge but due to this being my first dealings with Nikon support I can't say whether or not this is standard practice when returning the camera or was part of the service repair. Regardless, it was something I had requested and it was done which Matt wasn't as fortunate with.

My camera was gone for roughly 2-3 weeks including shipping time. Seeing as Nikon overnighted my camera back to me once it was repaired shipping time didn't play a large role in the total time it was gone. Overall, my experience with Nikon's support is totally opposite of Matt's experience with Sony's support. Sending cameras, or any purchased goods for that matter, in for repair can and usually is a frustrating experience. But repairs and service recalls go hand in hand with increasingly complex technology. Consistent communication, clear updates, and politeness go a long way in alleviating the headache of these situations and I think Nikon excelled in all of these aspects.