I've recently decided to move my store front for sale prints for this website to an Etsy store. The store can be found here: Etsy.com/shop/DannyPAPhotography
I've just started so there aren't a whole lot of prints available but as I continue with it I'll make more available.

So why Etsy? Simply, cost and ease of use. I love Squarespace, I've used it for the past three years for this site with no complaint. But I'm not terribly fond of their commerce section and to be able to have multiple items for purchase requires a bump up in membership. Etsy does have some costs associate with using it but, seemingly, less so than a commerce membership with Squarespace. This might change if sales increase for prints but at the moment this seems to be the better option.


So go check it out, here, purchase just all of the prints and let me know what you think!