This was an interesting set as it was done in two radically different setups. While you'll have to wait to see the second portion to see what I'm referring to, the first set from this photoshoot is below. Mallory was our model for the day with my good friend and amazing make-up artists Matt Goodlett,, providing makeup.

The idea is fairly straightforward, Mallory has this great Glen Plaid suit and I wanted to take photos of her in it. Burgundy is a great color to put this type of suit in front of but oddly a tough color to find in a seamless paper backdrop. Superior Seamless provided the closest match with their #27 Flame roll and I'm quite happy with how the color turned out. 

Since this was done in my home studio, space was slightly limited. Initially I wanted to avoid shadows on the backdrop but given the space I had and the photos I wanted to get this wasn't going to be doable. Sometimes you have to accept the limitations of your space and, in this case, letting the shadows be helped increase the look of the photos overall.

Check in next week for part 2 of Mallory, in two parts!