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On Process - Mimic

Every week my favorite podcast, On Taking Pictures, gives a photo assignment to its listeners. These assignments can range anywhere from using a certain aspect ratio to trying a different technique but they are always entertaining and fun to try out. Last week's assignment was to mimic a photograph from another photographer. Now given the amount of snow we've received throughout last week, thanks Obama!, my mind immediately went to a photograph by Gregory Heisler of Muhammad Ali that was featured in his book, 50 Portraits.

Heisler is another one of those living legends who's body of work is as amazing as it is vast and 50 Portraits is commonly found on lists of best photography books. 50 Portraits is the first photography book I've purchased and is perhaps the one I've returned to most for inspiration and to admire. So with snow covering the ground and Heisler's photograph firmly in mind I made a small trek to a local park and took a few shots. Below was the result.

The subject lacks the powerful presence of Muhammad Ali and there's no mimicking the look of a 6x7 photograph with a DSLR but overall I was happy to not only get back indoors afterwards but with the photograph itself. 

If you haven't already, you can find more work by Gregory Heisler at his website and I really can't recommend On Taking Pictures enough so give it a listen here.